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素子 Motoko

Why Motoko? First of her kind of course! According to Masamune Shirow-Ghost In The Shell, where Motoko is the main character in the story. Cyborg, one of the first of its kind.

I want to be part of the future and create something for it.


RF remote control

lock/alarm system (v.2.0)

GPS module

easy location features (v.2.0)

GSM module

alarm system is connected to your smartphone through GSM (v.2.0)

PIR moving senzor

moving control around my Motoko (v.2.0)

Gyro/accel X, Y, Z

computing forces and control alarm (v.2.0)

Bluetooth connection

setup my bike through smartphone (v.2.0)

RGB led lights

signal and decoration lightings. Many colors and color schemes (v.2.0)

OLED display

very bright small OLED display for feedback (v.2.0)

microSD data storage

blackbox of my Motoko ebike (v.2.0)

Dashboard camera

fully automatic recording (v.2.0)

Smart recuperation

efficient battery charging with low power consumption (v.3.0)

Comfort ride

fully adjustable suspension and seat position (v.3.0)

Heartbeat sensor

Check your heart bpm (v.2.0)

Repairing tool inside

integrated box for tools (v.2.0)

Two direction seat

set your seat (v.3.0)

Solar and wind charge

Charge battery with wind and sun (v.3.0)


    v. 1.0 (2018/2019) - crash

  • Bafang back wheel BLDC motor
  • Author Profile old trecking bike
  • Li-ion aku - 15,6Ah, 48V
  • Only classic diy ebike with no additional features. Case was made from wood and hardpaper. No suspensions or customized parts.
  • Logo font: Saira Stencil One - Googlefonts
  • Web font: Ubuntu

    v. 2.0 (2019) - in progress

  • Bafang back wheel BLDC motor
  • Old treking bike frame Superior
  • New color - anthracite black
  • Li-ion aku - 15,6Ah, 48V
  • Arduino controler for other function
  • Case for battery and controller from PVC foam
  • Coloring PVC case
  • Completing bicycle parts
  • Install battery holder
  • Install PVC covers
  • Make repairing tools case
  • Install PVC covers
  • Make front mask
  • Install Motoko smart electronics
  • Testing all components and functions
  • Waterproof test
  • Temperature and cooling test
  • Make first video for presentation

Technical specification

Power spec.

Battery Samsung li-ion 48V/15,4Ah
Motor Bafang 1000W
Driver unit ENA Sinwave (max.27A)
Max. speed 45km/h
Limiter yes - variable 10-45km/h
Charging time 5 hours (0-100% cappacity)
Driving distance apx. 50km with full battery cappacity
Accelerator yes - variable
PAS asistance yes
Bike gear 1/7

Electronics spec.

Motoko brain Arduino ATMEGA2560 Pro
RF module 433MHz superheterodyne
Power solar charged batterypack
2x USB output 1A/2A
LED lights RGB WS28xx LEDs


Component prices

Aku Samsung li-ion 48V/15,4Ah 10 495 czk
Conversion set ENA 1000W/48V 8402 czk
Charger 48V/3A 1423 czk
Wires, switches etc. 430 czk
Battery switch 50A 120 czk
Material (screws etc.) 119 czk
Key switch 105 czk
Tools for bike 758 czk
Reflective foil 213 czk
PVC plates 0 czk
Arduino Mega Pro 2560 160 czk
Rearview mirror 50 czk
2x RGB LED ring WS2812B 90 czk
SIM800L GPRS GSM module 80 czk
433MHz superheterodyne receiver 30 czk
2x DC12-72V to 5V/1A 120 czk
NEO-7M GPS module 180 czk
2x Real Time Clock module 50 czk
SQ11 Mini HD camera 160 czk
2x X/Y/Z Gyro module 50 czk
2x LED 8-Bit RGB strip 50 czk
2x LED 7-Bit RGB round 60 czk
2x LED 3-Bit RGB round 50 czk
10x LED 1-Bit RGB single 90 czk
433MHz car controller 80 czk
Rechargeable Bike light T6 zoom 390 czk
2x LED 8-Bit RGB strip 50 czk
PIR moving sensor 30 czk
OLED 0.96" 128X64 display 70 czk
Heartbeat sensor 50 czk
Joystick 40 czk
Buzzer Arduino 40 czk

Total costs:

24 085 czk / 963 $


Martin Lukášek

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